study yummies

i don’t really know what to call this dish!

but basically, 1. it’s negative degrees outside, 2. i had a ton of vegetables sitting around, 3. i am working on a big physics problem set, 4. i sometimes procrastinate by looking at my friend ali’s food blog (

all these factors led me to my dinner, which was so delicious that i want to share it with everyone in the world.

1. roasted broccoli

2. roasted sweet potato

3. quinoa, cooked with broth and chopped carrots

4. half an avocado

5. about a half serving of goat cheese

6. half of a piece of chicken sausage

that’s it, just mix all those things together in a bowl, and substitute in what you like, and out what you don’t like. so good. i don’t have a photo, but here is ali’s, which she made a little differently (i think brown rice, avocado, kale, goat cheese, parsely):



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