quinoa parfait with strawberries and caramelized apples



the name of this breakfast admittedly sounds kinda douchey, but eh, whatever, it’s delicious!

for one serving:

quinoa (basically like rice, but different texture and healthier because it’s a whole grain and has more protein): measure 1/3 cup quinoa into a sieve, and then rinse with running water for about a minute. add to a sauce pan with 2/3 cup water and a little tiny bit of salt. bring to boil, and then cover and reduce to a simmer until water is dissolved and little sprouts come out (like 10-15 minutes). add a little sprinkle of sugar and set aside.

meanwhile, caramelized apples: dice a small apple, or half of a regular apple, or whatever, however much apple you want. toss with lemon juice and a bit of sugar in a bowl. melt a small pat of butter in a pan, and then add apples, stirring constantly until softened. set aside.

assembly (preferably in a see-through glass, because it’s pretty): i used layers of quinoa, apples, low-fat vanilla greek yogurt, and chopped strawberries. obviously switch out whatever, and make it your own!


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