chicago food tour

chicago food planet’s “near north food tasting & cultural walking tour” = paul’s valentine’s day present to me! SO SO SO GOOD. everyone should go to all of these places.

ashkenaz jewish deli
lou malnati's deep dish pizzeria
teagschwender german tea shop
history lecture at the spice house
old town oil
toffee tasting at the fudge pot
"delightful pastries" polish pastry shop
made a friend!


lunch on the first day : wali na kuku (chicken and rice)- dar es salaam
samaki na chipsi (fish and fries)- mbudya island
kuku na ugali (chicken with dense, flavorless corn meal- mush)- dar es salaam
YUCKY KABISA. nidal's joint soup - posta, dar es salaam
yucky kabisa pt. 2, a semi-rotten fish head- tanga, tanzania
chipsi mayai (french fry omelet)- dar es salaam
chapati na ndizi (flat bread and banana)- dar es salaam
ethiopian food sampler platter- addis in dar, posta, dar es salaam
spaghetti with fish and tomato salad- pugu hills
hibiscus tea- eid dinner, dar es salaam
eid feast made by nidal, colleen, and erin-- peanut butter eggplant, rice, cassava, and sweet dough balls- dar es salaam

(a taste of tanzania!)


in addition to posting yummy recipes, i also plan on sometimes posting to this blog with delicious things that i intend to cook some day. lauren, hani, bailey, and i went to egypt for fall break in october (which turned out to be good timing, since things have gotten a little crazier since we left), and ate some of the most delicious food i have ever had. here is some of it!

baba ganoush in cairo


roasted eggplant in cairo


potato salad in cairo


falafel in cairo


roasted chicken in cairo


seafood in alexandria


mango-papaya juice in alexandria


brownie sundae in cairo